Frequently Asked Questions.

Does This Help My Google Search Results?

Your online business listings will be enhanced

The finished product and images is like an invitation from Google to 'See Inside' and will appear in Google search results, Google Maps and the new, Google+ Local too.

These search results will look more inviting, colourful and informative, allowing your customers to really engage with and explore your business via the interactive, 'walk-through' experience.

How Will This Attract New Customers and Help My Business generally?

Real world examples where Google Business Photos is already engaging with future customers are:

  • Bride looking for a great wedding reception will be able to look inside a hotel/venue at the size of function rooms, facilities and decor
  • Gent may want to book a romantic meal, have a look at the actual menu and even select a specific table to dine at
  • Potential gym member may want to have a look at equipment available, training areas and changing facilities etc
  • Band/artist manager may want to see the size and stage layout of a live venue perhaps?
  • Lady looking for a specific clothing style, or selection of shoes would be able to check out a boutique’s range and overall style.
  • The advantages are literally endless.

How long does the photoshoot take?

Depending on the size of the business, but around one to one and a half hours is needed to complete the panoramic photography and the point of interest still images.

Do I have to close my business for the duration of the shoot?

No, it's business as usual.

The equipment used is basically one tripod and a camera, therefore a discreet operation is ensured with little or no no interruptions to daily business or your customers. For privacy, Google's software blurs out any faces that may appear in photograph's too, so ultimate discretion is guaranteed.

Is it best to shoot my business at busy periods, or quiet ones?

I'd recommend your quieter business hours are usually the best times to shoot.

It's best for online visitors to view your virtual tour and see the true size and layout of your business.

Obviously, they'll expect it to be a 'living, breathing' business too so customers here and there will not be unexpected or seem unusual.

Do I need to sign an agreement?

Yes, you do - but we hope you agree it's carefully worded in your favour.

You can take a look at it by clicking this link:- Google Business Photos Photography Services Agreement

Do I own the images resulting from a Google Business Photos shoot?

Yes, completely.

Google only license the images and the one's used to construct your virtual tour from you. I, as the photographer also pass over complete ownership in perpetuity to you, the business owner also.

Can I use the virtual tour in my own website or is it just available via Google Maps?

Yes, no problem

You can easily use a simple embedding code and insert your business virtual tour directly into your website or blog, plus its can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Your 'point of interest' still images can also be downloaded and used for any marketing purpose you wish.

How long does it take before my Google Business Photos tour and images are online?

On average 3 working days

From the day of your shoot, it takes an average of 3 working days for the virtual tour and images to be processed, uploaded, then quality checked/published by Google.

Sounds great - how much does it cost?

Prices start at £95 for small businesses and rise to around £750 for very large, often multi-room/floored venues.

Google want to make the Business Photos package affordable and ubiquitous, so the cost of what is an amazing online visual marketing tool is actually very reasonable.

Please navigate to Googles own FAQ page for more information