How Does It All Work Then?

For the business, a Google Trusted Photographer session is quick, discrete and does not interfere with a normal business day or customers present. The photographer walks through the business with just a tripod and a camera (no bulky lighting or cabling is used), taking 360° circular sweep images at various points within the building. Any customers or staff who are in any of the shots, have their faces blurred out by the Google software so absolute discretion and privacy is maintained for all. After this is done, the Trusted Photographer takes the series of point of interest images, some paperwork is signed and the job physically at the business is done.

Thereafter, the photographer’s work continues as he/she later constructs the panoramic virtual tour, quality controls all images and uploads the entire session to the Google servers. Within a few working days of the actual Google Business Photos photoshoot, the finished tour and images are available for local, national and international web browsers to see and hopefully crystallize their decision to visit the actual business itself.

The videos below give a good explanation of the process and what you can expect from your virtual tour.