An Introduction to Google Business Photos

Launched in the UK in 2012

Google Business Photos is the new service from Google. It launched in the UK in May 2012 and to Blackpool and the Fylde Coast area, through 360 Images, in Novembver 2012. The service takes Street-View to the next level for businesses. No longer do potential customers have to stop at your door - they can enter the premises and enjoy a 360 degree virtual tour.

Establishing New Customers

People are often reserved and are ‘creatures of habit’ - preferring to visit, shop, eat and drink at the places they know and are familiar with. A Google Virtual Reality Tour enables you to offer that familiarity to new customers from the comfort of their own homes. You are able to invite people into your premises - to experience your layout, decor and offerings - putting them at ease and breaking down that first barrier to their becoming a regular customer.

Booking Tables becomes Fun

One of the tricks that I have picked up is in advising restaurants and pubs to have table numbers clearly displayed for the shoot; this enables potential customers to walk around, choose a spot they like then ring the establishment and book a specific table - the future is here! You may also like to display whatever promotional material suits you.

Immersive & Interactive

The Google virtual tour business ‘walk-through’ allows potential customers to step inside a business, have a wander round, up/down stairs, into different rooms, spin 360°, zoom in/out, look up/down wherever the desire takes them. This totally interactive experience is the next best thing to actually ‘being there’!

No Website Required

Even if you do not have a website you can see your business online. Interactive features allow customers who find you online to walk through, explore and take a closer look at your business. Your Google+ Local page becomes your free window to the world.


Hi Doug
Just a quick thank you and to let you know what a great response we ve had at Mankind from the new inside tour you devised for our store
Sirge Smart
Mankind Menswear (click on link to Look Inside)